Venture Capital is one of the most active venture capital investors in the UK. We back entrepreneurs based in the UK with global ambition, and partner with them to provide capital and strategic input as they grow.


Founded in 2000, Venture Capital has built a nationwide network that sources our proprietary deal flow and provides valuable connections for our portfolio.

We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. Of the £168m currently under management, over £11m has been invested by the Venture Capital team – on the same terms as our investors.

Our investors are individuals and institutions whose risk appetite, outlook and values match our own. They invest through Venture Capital fund structures that allow us to maximise their returns.

Venture Capital serves as an advisor, agent and advocate on behalf of private and public growth companies seeking to expand access to capital at the optimal costs.

We leverage our global financing footprint with our team’s 100 years of combined transaction experience to create innovative debt and equity-linked debt solutions for our public and private clients. We provide a comprehensive range of debt market solutions focusing on debt capital sources that are adept at servicing growth companies’ needs. They include not only traditional commercial banks, but also non-traditional sources such as business development corporations (BDCs), hedge funds, credit funds and private sources of debt capital.

The effects of regulation and financial reform have transformed the nature of growth investing and significantly constrained access to the public markets for the fastest growing, most dynamic companies in the world.

In response to this reality, Venture Capital has created a new capital market system, dedicated to providing emerging growth companies with true public market alternative.


In 2016, Venture Capital launched the only unified Pre-IPO & IPO capital market dedicated exclusively to the emerging growth community.

  • CapBridge, Pte. (“CapBridge”) provides pre-IPO financing for emerging growth companies with “post-money” valuations in excess of $70 million. CapBridge financings are subject to the receipt of a mandate letter relating to an IPO underwriting and the endorsement of the Singapore Stock Exchange (“SGX”).
  • SGX Catalist provides IPO financing and liquidity solutions for emerging growth companies with target market capitalization between $100 and $350 million. SGX Catalist, a subsidiary of SGX, is a $7 billion public exchange dedicated exclusively to emerging growth companies.

Through CapBridge and Catalist, Venture Capital enables growth companies to access the public markets in a timely and cost effective manner which optimizes valuation and access to capital. For investors, Venture Capital’ pre-IPO and IPO alternatives facilitate liquidity and ensure the best positioning from which to capitalize on further public listings along with “exit” and liquidity pathways.